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Final Exam Schedule Spring 2017

Finals Schedule: Spring 2017


Day 1

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Exam Periods, 1 and 6


1: 7:35-8:55

2: 9:02- 9:40

3: 9:47-10:25

4: 10:32-11:10 {No MRT}

5: 11:17- 11:55 {NO MRT}

6:12:02-1:22 {Students in Lunch will report to MRT at 12:37}


8: 2:14-2:55



Thursday, May 25, 2017

Exam Periods, 3,4,7


3: 7:35-8:55

1: 9:02-9:32

2: 9:39-10:09

4: 10:16-11:36 (If students eat this hour they should report to MRT first, then lunch at 11:00)

5: 11:43-12:13 {NO MRT}

6:12:20-12:50 {NO MRT}

8: 12:57- 1:27

7: 1:34-2:55



Friday, May 26, 2017

Exam Periods 2,5,8

2: 7:35-8:55

1: 9:02-9:32


4:10:16-10:46 {NO MRT}

5: 10:53- 12:13 (Lunch, report to MRT at 11:23)

6: 12:20-12:50 {NO MRT}

7: NO 7th HOUR, REPORT TO 8th

8: 12:57 -2:55



 Click Here for a Printable Schedule




2017 Summer School

Summer School Information

Summer School Schedules will be available the week on May 29- June 2. Students and Parents can log into the PowerSchool Summer to see their schedule. 

Summer School Information Packet

DOC 200: Building Character and Citizenship

The DOC 200 Project©

Demonstrating Outstanding Citizenship


The DOC 200 Project is an officially designated Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project. It was created by the Educational Director of the Munster Junior Historical Society to celebrate and honor Indiana’s 200th birthday.  Indiana students of all grades, including college, may participate in this exciting and unique character-building opportunity. College-bound students who successfully complete the DOC 200 Project will benefit from listing this impressive accomplishment on college applications.

We know that most students become good citizens as a result of sound parental guidance. The DOC 200 Project builds upon that solid foundation by teaching children and adolescents to become exemplary citizens and by providing systematic practice to strengthen those abilities. This experience promotes the practice of fifty specific and important Life Skills that outstanding citizens demonstrate by showing responsibility, respect, a caring spirit, and a willingness to work hard for the good of this nation and everyone in it. Older students also gain valuable leadership experience.

During the DOC 200 Project, students are given opportunities to practice and refine skills in the key areas of Integrity (honesty), Acceptance, Service, and Patriotism. Throughout this family-oriented project, adults serve as role models of outstanding citizenship as children are encouraged to be positive and responsible thinkers, caring problem solvers, and contributing members of society.

Every parent should be excited for the opportunity to provide this life-changing experience for their children as they learn to set lofty goals, work hard to attain them, and strive to earn the esteemed DOC 200 Medal for Outstanding Citizenship.


Register at    

For More Information

PowerPoint (PDF)

Youtube Video

Contact Dr. Chickie-Wolfe at (219) 838-2120.


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