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Welcome to Elliott Elementary School!

The faculty and staff of Ernest R. Elliott welcome you and your family to our school community.  Our student body consists of approximately 420 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Our staff members work together closely to provide the best educational experience for your students.  The success of our school system depends on the collaboration and commitment of all students, parents, and staff to high quality standards, expectations and performance.

Our school is blessed to have a very active and supportive Parent Teacher Organization.  At Elliott, the doors are always open to volunteer opportunities both inside the classroom and for PTO events. We ask you to become an active volunteer.

 Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our school.  Visitors are always welcome, so please stop in and experience the warmth of Elliott Elementary School.  Elliott is a school with heart!!

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Calendar Events
May 7th - 3:00pm
May 7th - 7:00pm
May 11th - 7:00pm
May 13th - All Day
May 13th - 7:00pm
May 15th - All Day
May 17th - 1:00pm
May 19th - All Day
May 19th - 9:15am
May 20th - All Day
May 21st - 9:00am
May 25th - All Day
May 29th - All Day
May 31st - 1:00pm
Jun 18th - 9:00am
Jul 29th - 9:00am
Jul 29th - 3:00pm
Jul 30th - 8:30am
Jul 30th - 9:00am
Jul 30th - 12:30pm
Jul 31st - 9:00am
Jul 31st - 12:30pm
Aug 3rd - 8:00am
Aug 3rd - 8:30am
Aug 3rd - 4:00pm
Aug 3rd - 4:00pm
Aug 4th - 8:00am
Aug 4th - 8:30am
Aug 4th - 6th 4:00pm
Aug 4th - 6th 4:00pm
Aug 5th - 10:00am
Aug 5th - 4:00pm
Aug 6th - All Day
Aug 6th - 8:00am
Aug 6th - 9:00am
Aug 6th - 5:30pm
Aug 6th - 5:30pm
Aug 6th - 6:30pm
Aug 11th - All Day
Aug 12th - All Day