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Teacher of the Month: 

To nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Month: Please email your nomination to wwmsteacherofthemonth
Include a detailed explanation as to why the teacher deserves to be recognized.

From the desk of Principal Timothy R. Sopko...
Welcome to Wilbur Wright Middle School! My name is Timothy Sopko and I am the principal. I am proud to be serving as principal of a school with a strong tradition of success. WWMS has an excellent staff, outstanding parents and students, as well as unbelievable community support. I believe that the middle school years are a pivotal time in a child’s development and I feel fortunate to be able to work with, as well as to guide and support our students during their transition to young adulthood.

The mission of WWMS is to “support every student in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to reach their full potential." We are constantly searching for innovative opportunities to assist our students in preparing for the global life they will lead. We encourage you to learn more about WWMS. We are all very proud of our school! When you are visiting our building, please stop by and say “Hi!"
Calendar Events
May 31st - 1:00pm
Jun 18th - 9:00am
Sep 11th - 1:00am
May 29th - All Day
Jul 29th - 9:00am
Jul 29th - 3:00pm
Jul 30th - 8:30am
Jul 30th - 12:30pm
Jul 30th - 9:00am
Jul 31st - 12:30pm
Jul 31st - 9:00am
Aug 3rd - 8:00am
Aug 3rd - 4:00pm
Aug 3rd - 8:00am
Aug 3rd - 4:00pm