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Important Technology eLearning Tips for 6th-12th Grade Dell Laptops

  1. Change Your Password and Restart Twice on-premise - At least twice a month, students must bring their laptops to the south parking lot of MHS and restart their devices. This is important for maintenance purposes. At home, your laptop will not receive important Microsoft and STM updates that are pushed out to devices. Reconnecting to the school network every so often is good for your laptop. You can also change your password by being on premise.  A video is here as well as directions are attached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6ouBcTtjOc

  2. Save Documents to Microsoft OneDrive - Activate your OneDrive account and move everything saved in your Documents AND Downloads folders into OneDrive. OneDrive to Microsoft is what the Drive is to Google: cloud storage. OneDrive (or a flash drive) is the safest place to save your school work.  A PDF is attached to show you how to use OneDrive.

  3. Contact Technical Support — Email support@student.munster.us. Please attach screenshots and/or pictures of error messages. They’re super helpful!
    Call the Support Hotline at 219-836-7157. If the Technology Department cannot assist you remotely, you will be directed to the Media Center. The Media Center can issue a loaner device to you while your laptop gets repaired.


Troubleshooting iPads / Chromebooks Kindergarten thru 5th Grade

 Force Close All Applications on iPad https://youtu.be/_naGG8P3B7k
 Check the speed of your internet https://youtu.be/koIS3o1s3Xk


Frequently Accessed URLs

http://classroom.google.com – Google Classroom (Grade K-5)

http://learn.munster.us – Blackboard Learn (Grades 6-12)

http://mail.student.munster.us – Student Email

http://powerschool.munster.us - PowerSchool

http://clever.munster.us - Clever (select classes and grade levels)

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Welcome to the School Town of Munster!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the School Town of Munster website.  As you visit each of our school pages and the district page, you will notice very quickly that our schools are recognized for their highly qualified staff and the high performance of our outstanding students.   Our schools have been honored for excellence at the state and national levels.   From highly recognized elementary and middle schools by the State of Indiana to nationally recognized performance of Munster High School, our students are provided with numerous opportunities to grow, learn and find success in their academic careers in the School Town of Munster.   It is our belief that every student will be educated to develop a global view of our world, and the opportunities that they will have are limitless. 

The School Town of Munster provides many extracurricular opportunities for students to participate at an academic level and an athletic level.  We believe that students should develop leadership skills and be actively involved in our global community.  Students take part in many clubs offered at the high school and middle school.  We provide after school programs in music for our elementary students.  Our student athletes are highly competitive on the sporting fields, but more importantly, in the classroom.  It is our belief that students should be provided a well-rounded education that helps them cultivate their interests.

I hope that you will check out our Munster Advantage comparison chart and use it when you are looking for a new school home and a new community to live.  I believe that the Munster schools are second to none when it comes to academic and extracurricular opportunities for our students.  I am also very proud to state that our community is one of the most supportive in the State of Indiana when it comes to its schools.  We have a strong group of community and parent volunteers who serve on the Munster Education Foundation, Booster Clubs, PTOs, and in the classrooms.  The support and commitment to have world class schools by our community, administration, teachers and staff sets Munster apart and above other schools.  We are very proud that our focus is on being a “District of National Distinction.”

Thank you for visiting the School Town of Munster!


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