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March 2019 Update

Special Education, Technology and Maintenance Facility

Recently STM has begun a design-bid-build project to replace the circa 1980 “Old Bus Barn”, now maintenance area.  This new building will house three departments; maintenance, technology and special education.   

Special education will house the transition to adulthood program as well as the administrative office for the special education department.  The maintenance department will be housed at this facility and it will have vehicle storage, workspaces, and office spaces.  The technology department will be the third department located in this building, centralizing the district technology support staff and district technology infrastructure.  The district is also planning to include a large multi-purpose professional development training and conference center. 



August 1st Update


  • Air Handling units piped, insulation of piping almost complete. Units have been started. All went well
  • All unit heaters and fan vectors piped. Contractor is terminating control wiring to all units.
  • 90% of all pipe insulation complete.
  • All masonry is complete.
  • Painters are finishing walls.
  • Resin and epoxy floors are complete for this phase. Waiting on RFP from flooring co. for additional areas that weren’t included in this phase.
  • Door frames have been installed, waiting on doors and glass which should be delivered early next week.
  • Fieldhouse court lighting should wrap up on Friday.
  • Fieldhouse dome complete, flat roof complete except for cleanup. Northeast roof and penthouse complete. Need to install metal flashing on flat roof area of fieldhouse.
  • Drywall in girls varsity shower area needs completion.
  • Gariup will have outside cleaned up by Friday.
  • Cleanup has started inside fieldhouse in several areas


  • All equipment set in place and piped.
  • All pumps have been wired and started.
  • Boilers complete except for flue piping.
  • Chillers piped, currently under vacuum test to check for leaks. Once complete, units will be charged with refrigerant.
  • Control wiring taking place.
  • Masonry walls for secure entrance complete and painted.
  • Doors and glass will arrive Tuesday.
  • New walk off carpet installed in vestibule.
  • Ceiling grid in, lighting rough in done. Bulkhead needs to be sheeted.
  • Block wall for chiller area complete

July 16th Update

High School

•    Air handling units set in place piping connections to each almost complete
•    Chilled water and heating water piping complete on Boy’s side
•    Chilled and heating piping on Girl’s side to be completed in the next few days
•    Unit heaters set and piped
•    Pipe insulation is underway
•    Masonry to be complete in locker rooms / shower rooms Thursday
•    Resin and epoxy floors to begin Thursday
•    Control modules and wiring for building automation in progress
•    Painting has started

Frank Hammond: 

•    Chilled water piping mostly complete
•    New chillers set
•    New pumps set
•    Boilers set and piped except for flues
•    Frames for secure entry delivered last Friday/ ready to start walls
•    Demo for secure entrance mostly complete
•    Final details for refrigerant piping were sent to chiller manufacturer for final approval. Expect results today
•    F.H.H about 70% complete
•    MHS about 60% complete


Summer 2018 Construction Update

Phase 1 of the central area of the high school renovation project has been well underway.  Immediately following commencement, crews started demoing circa 1967s boilers, air handlers, and piping used to provide heating for the fieldhouse.  These systems were removed in order to update systems to more energy efficient standards. Several walls were torn down and re configured to provide mechanical rooms to house the new HVAC equipment and to provide additional storage for athletic teams /  P.E. classes. Our 8” main heating / cooling pipes were drained and tapped in order run new lines to feed new equipment in the fieldhouse / Varsity locker room areas.  Two new high efficiency domestic hot water boilers will be installed to replace the old ones. The fieldhouse air handlers should be set in place this week. The northeast roof replacement is approx. 20 % complete and the fieldhouse dome is almost completed down to skylights.