Our mission is to help students demonstrate academic growth and social responsibility in a supportive and intellectually challenging learning environment.

Vision: School Town of Munster – A District of National Distinction (Supporting Every Child Every Day)


School Town of Munster has adopted the Indiana Coalition of Quality Schools Values:

  • Continuous Improvement: As good as we are, we know that we can always achieve better results. We constantly try to find better ways of doing our work, and when we achieve our goals, we set higher targets.
  • High Expectations: Our learning organization requires that we maintain high expectations for one another and for self.
  • Alignment: We are most successful when everyone in our learning organization works together to achieve common goals. We can enhance efficiency and effectiveness by achieving alignment across our system.
  • Shared Leadership: We work as a team. Each member provides essential leadership in support of our common goals.
  • Social Responsibility: We ensure that we are good partners within our community and that our students and employees support local individuals and organizations. We demonstrate wise stewardship of public resources and ensure that our graduates are ready to shoulder their civic responsibilities.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making: We make decisions after careful consideration of the most compelling research and data analysis.
  • Accountability: Each person affiliated with the STM system, including students, employees, parents/family members, and community stakeholders share accountability for our performance results and for providing personal best effort in support of our goals.
  • Results Focus: We have processes in place to ‘inspect what we expect’ as we strive to continually improve.