High Ability Mission Statement

The School Town of Munster provides high ability students with intentional, enhanced learning opportunities in order to challenge and enrich intellectual, social and emotional growth as students become lifelong learners, competitive employees and responsible citizens in a global society.

School Town of Munster embraces the following guidelines, developed using the 2010 Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards published by the National Association for Gifted Children:

  1. School Town of Munster provides a range of services in response to students’ diverse high ability needs, with appropriately differentiated instruction.
  2. School Town of Munster utilizes an unbiased identification process based upon specific, measurable criteria using reliable and valid testing measures.
  3. High ability programming implements evidence-based instructional strategies designed to encompass and cultivate critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and inquiry-based learning.
  4. School Town of Munster offers an environment where high ability students are encouraged to reach their full potential through the development of personal, social, leadership and communication skills.
  5. School Town of Munster creates a variety of program options to provide advanced content and differentiated instruction specifically designed for high ability students to achieve maximum growth.
  6. High ability programming includes professional development to support both general education and high ability teachers as they respond to the academic and social/emotional needs of high ability learners.