School Town of Munster, Exceptional Needs services provides a full continuum of special education services for our students. Special education includes specially-designed instruction to meet a student’s unique educational needs and related services to support a student’s educational program. The services range from support for students placed in general education classroom settings to self-contained specialized programs for students whose educational needs require more intensive services and support.
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Exceptional Needs Administration/Team

Jovanka “Jo” Cvitkovich Director of Exceptional Needs 219.836.9111, ext. 1018 jscvitkovich@munster.us

Barbara Coggins Department of Exceptional Needs Administrative Assistant 219.836.9111, ext. 1017 @munster.us

Jana Maric Assistant Director of Exceptional Needs 219.836.9111, ext. 6305 jmaric@munster.us

Tammy Katalinic Primary Coordinator - Exceptional Needs 219.836.9111, ext. 6303 tjkatalinic@munster.us

Marianne Orfanos Secondary Coordinator - Exceptional Needs 219.836.9111, ext. 3441 meorfanos@munster.us

Sarah Lerch Primary Psychologist 219.836.9111, ext. 6304 smlerch@munster.us

Amanada Hudson Secondary Psychologist 219.836.9111, ext. 2301 anhudson@munster.us

Jodi Csepiga Behaviorist / Diagnostician 219.836.9111, ext.6302 jlcsepiga@munster.us