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 Additional Contact Information for school-level support


MHS - Mrs. Kelly Hladek kmhladek@munster.us or Mrs. Betsy Tanzillo bltanzillo@munster.us 

WWMS - Ms. Sarah Mercier smmercier@munster.us

Eads - Mrs. Karen Miskovich komiskovich@munster.us

Elliott - Mrs. Suzanne Kakalow  sskakalow@munster.us

Frank Hammond - Mrs. Anna Rogowski arogowski@munster.us


Changing Student Passwords

At least twice a month, students must bring their laptops (ONLY grades 6-12, Chromebooks and iPads this is not necessary) to the south parking lot of MHS and restart their devices. This is important for maintenance purposes. At home, your laptop will not receive important Microsoft and STM updates that are pushed out to devices. Reconnecting to the school network every so often is good for your laptop. You can also change your password by being on premise. A video is here as well as directions are attached. https://www.youtube.com/changePassword

Save Documents to Microsoft OneDrive

Activate your OneDrive account and move everything saved in your Documents AND Downloads folders into OneDrive. OneDrive to Microsoft is what the Drive is to Google: cloud storage. OneDrive (or a flash drive) is the safest place to save your school work. A PDF below is attached to show you how to use OneDrive.

Frequent Disconnecting from Teams, Collaborate? 

​We often find that some students do not have adaquet bandwith when at home.  This may be due to the fact that other family members may be online at the same time.  We recommend running an internet speed to ensure you have the proper speed to support online learning.  A minimum of 10 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is required, especially if using web conferencing.  Please follow the link below to test the speed of your internet.  If you are experiencing connection problems, please run the speed test while you are experiencing problems. 


Contacting Technical Support

​Email support@student.munster.us. Please attach screenshots and/or pictures of error messages. They’re super helpful! Call the Support Hotline at 219-836-7157. If the Technology Department cannot assist you remotely, you will be directed to the Media Center. The Media Center can issue a loaner device to you while your laptop gets repaired.




Setting up one drive.pdf

Student Password Change.pdf

Force Close All Applications on iPad: https://youtu.be/forceClose

Check the speed of your internet: https://youtu.be/speedCheck


Frequently Accessed

http://classroom.google.com          Google Classroom (Grade K-5)

http://learn.munster.us                     Blackboard Learn (Grades 6-12)

http://mail.student.munster.us         Student Email

http://powerschool.munster.us        PowerSchool

http://clever.munster.us                    Clever (select classes and grade levels)