STM No Transportation Zone


Students living in the "No Transportation Zone" will not be transported to school by a School Town of Munster bus.  A decline in funding is causing the School Town of Munster to enforce a No Transportation Zone (NTZ) policy.

Why The Change?

Property tax caps (also known as the Circuit Breaker) were passed by Indiana legislators in 2008.  When they were being considered, many districts across the state informed elected officials that they would result in reduced services.  This has now come to fruition.  Since 2009, the Circuit Breaker has prohibited the School Town of Munster from collecting millions of dollars for Transportation.

Public schools are limited in the funds that can be raised to pay for transportation and all other expenses.  On top of those limits, the Circuit Breaker reduced funds available even further.
Regretfully, less funding = fewer services.


  • +How will I know if I live in a No Transportation Zone (NTZ)?

  • Walk zone information will be available on our website and at registration.

  • +What are my options if I live in a NTZ and currently receive bus transportation?

  • You will need to provide transportation for your child.

  • +Can I pay for bus service?

    No. Indiana does not allow school districts to charge for transportation, even if the parents are willing to do so.

  • +Will after-school extra-curricular busing still be available?

    Yes. We believe it is important for students to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

  • +Will Special Education students lose transportation?

    Special Education routes are based on a student’s needs and their IEP. Those will continue to be factors in providing transportation to Special Education students.

  • +Are you working with other community organizations, such as the Town of Munster or the Police Department, as you make your decisions?

    Yes, we have had conversations with the Town Manager and the Police Department to discuss issues such as sidewalks, crossing guards, etc.

  • +I live in an area where there are no sidewalks. Are you saying my child will have to walk through snow or walk in the street to get to school?

    We understand there are a few areas that do not have sidewalks. We are working with the town to identify those areas for possible future sidewalk expansion. Obviously, not all sidewalks will be installed by the time the school year starts. If you know of an area in need of sidewalks, you may want to contact your Town Council representative.

  • +Can I just find the nearest bus stop that goes to my child’s school and have them board the bus there? It may be closer to my home than driving my child to school.

    No. Bus routes for next year will be determined by the number of students riding in an area. Students not assigned to the bus will not be able to ride for capacity reasons.

  • +Will more parking permits be made available to high school students to drive to school?

    This is an issue the high school will explore.