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Brand Toolbox

The School Town of Munster communicates with many diverse audiences. Every STM communication, regardless of the audience, is to identify consistently and positively with the District. The Brand Toolbox is designed to implement simple and understandable branding within the District's brand.

The STM brand goes far beyond a logos, typefaces and color palettes. It defines who we are. It’s in every message we send and every personal encounter we experience on behalf of our District. From new hires to our youngest students, our brand is integrated into our daily interactions on behalf of the School Town of Munster.

The Communications Department has created resources in order to streamline the brand. The following resources are available for download:

If you need assistance with these resources or a different file format, please contact Kim Peirick, Director of Communications at


Which File Do I Use?

Use .JPG for newsletters, flyers, Microsoft Word documents, brochures, cards, labels, decals, small signs.

Use .PNG for websites and PowerPoint presentation. A .PNG is an image that has no image loss when originally saved and can have a transparent background. This makes it ideal for the web.

Use .EPS for banners, flags, large posters, coffee mugs, T-shirts, large signage, tradeshow displays and exhibits, vehicle graphics, water bottles, frisbees, bags. The .EPS format is primarily for large-scale printing and print houses. Most print designers and printing companies are familiar with the .EPS extension. This is also called a vector graphic.

Need a vector graphic?
Contact Kim Peirick, Director of Communications.