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Welcome to the Exceptional Achievers Department

School Town of Munster provides a full continuum of special education services for our students. Special education includes specially-designed instruction to meet a student’s unique educational needs and related services to support a student’s educational program. The services range from support for students placed in general education classroom settings to self-contained specialized programs for students whose educational needs require more intensive services and support.

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MVD with ASPIRE Students
Exceptional Achievers
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Students celebrating
Aspire Classroom
Staff at Kickoff Event

Vida Choucalas

Director of Exceptional Achievers

Jana Maric

Assistant Director of Exceptional Achievers

Tammy Katalinic

Primary Coordinator of Exceptional Achievers

Marianne Orfanos

Secondary Coordinator of Exceptional Achievers

Julie Massoud

Assistant to Food Service & Exceptional Achievers

Staci Vukadinovich

Administrative Assistant

Little Mustangs | Early Childhood Programs




Little Mustangs

Developmental Early Childhood Program

Do you have concerns about your child’s development?

The Early Childhood classrooms provide a developmentally appropriate, structured classroom experience for children with disabilities.  Certified staff provide individualized attention to each child’s needs. The curriculum is based on the needs, abilities, and interests of children. Children eligible for special education services have an individualized education program (IEP) based on their strengths and needs. If you have additional questions, please contact Claire Starcevich, Early Childhood Coordinator at 219.838.2060 x 6206.

Click HERE for more details about this program.  

First Steps

First Steps students transition from Indiana First Steps.  Students will be evaluated and the initial case conference must be completed before the child turns 3 years of age.  If the child is found eligible for special education, they are able to start on their third birthday.  Children ages 0 to 3 years:  Your child may be eligible for early intervention through Northwest Indiana First Steps.  To make a referral, call 219.662.7790 or visit the Indiana First Steps' website.

New for the 2023-24 School Year - Monthly Screenings

Starting in September, the School Town of Munster will conduct monthly screenings for families who are concerned that their child may need specialized instruction.  Click HERE to complete the questionnaire or call Staci Vukadinovich at 219.836.7256 ext. 4100 for more information.  

Monthly Screening Dates: