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Strategic Plan

The School Town of Munster's strategic plan guides our district in preparing each of our students for success in life.

School Board's Message

  • The School Town of Munster partners with students, parents, community and staff to nurture and prepare students for success in a global society.  
  • We support equitable and challenging learning experiences that provide a foundation for independent and innovative thinking for all students no matter their race, religion, gender, innate abilities or academic levels.  
  • We believe a safe learning environment supports academic, social, emotional, and physical development, which will allow students to be fully engaged in their personal growth.  
  • We believe in the critical role faculty and staff play in influencing our learning environments. We support a climate of leadership and professional development to promote retention and growth of these team members.  
  • We believe parents and community are highly valued components to the success of our district and believe dialogue should be transparent, timely, and multifaceted.  
  • We believe that the community's trust and investment in the district compels us to demonstrate effective, efficient, and transparent stewardship of resources for the benefit of current and future generations of students.  
  • We believe that all students and staff will access and utilize current technology as an adjunct in the learning process to increase communication and information access in our ever- changing world.